Eco Index

Welcome to Eco-index.  Eco index is a portal to environmental protection and education projects all around the world. On this website you can read about different projects and the people behind them.  You can also read articles focusing on the results of the projects, how you measure the success of different projects and how you can make your progress more efficient.

Rewilding in the spotlight

Conservation efforts that aim to restore native species, natural processes and wilderness areas are commonly known as rewilding. The term was coined by the network Earth First! and first appeared in print back in the 1990s. Rewilding can help us create more rich and robust ecosystems while at the same time helping us to protect endangered species by providing new secure habitats.

Knepp wildland Stork Knepp wildland
 Rhodope Mountain Bison Rhodope Mountain
The Wild Field horse the wild fields
Oostvaarderplassen Beaver Oostvaarderplassen


Endangered species in the spotlight

Below we want to shine some extra light on some highly endangered species that deserves more attention then they are getting. We are regularly adding new species to the spotlight.

Mangarahara cichlidMangarahara cichlid
Pangolin Pangolin
Hickatee Hickatee
Java Rhino Java rhino

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