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We thank our current sponsors:

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

The Eco-Index® is the premiere vehicle for your conservation grantees in the Americas and the Caribbean to share their experiences, learn from their colleagues, avoid duplicating efforts, and disseminate their findings in a succinct and consistent format.

Become one of our distinguished sponsors and the Eco-Index® can help you:

  • Build grantees' capacity by providing a platform where they can learn from each other's successes and identify potential collaborators.
  • Increase the transparency of your project portfolio by sharing your grantees' experiences and findings with the conservation community in the Americas and the Caribbean.
  • Build awareness about conservation issues and success stories by featuring your grantees' projects in Eco-Index feature interviews and newsletter articles.
  • Create an electronic archive of your project portfolio, making information about your grantees easily accessible to your board of directors, staff, grantees, and your colleagues.
  • Learn more about potential grantees and if a proposed project compliments or duplicate other initiatives and what other organizations are doing in your areas of focus.
  • Build a cohesive network of grantees in your foundation's area of focus by creating an Eco-Index Pathway, designing bilingual newsletters, and participating in our online forum.
  • Bring grantees together to identify successes, lessons learned, and future conservation priorities through our "Conservation Dialogues" series.
  • Expand communications and outreach by providing project profiles, interviews, and articles with unique URLs that can be linked to on your Web site.

This information is also available in a downloadable brochure format.

For more information, please contact Melissa Normann, manager of the Rainforest Alliance's Online Communities Initiative.

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