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Improving Central American River Turtle Nesting Success in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Guatemala

The Central American (CA) river turtle (Dermatemys mawii), the only living species of the family Dermatemydidae, is listed under CITES Appendix II as a high priority species in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Surviva...

Testing Enrichment Planting in Fragmented Tropical Landscapes

This project is using plantings of early and late-successional trees as a model to enrich agricultural mosaics in human-dominated tropical landscapes by attracting widely foraging fruit-eating bats, birds, and terrestrial mammals from the primary for...

Our Shared Forests: Ecuador and Georgia's Bird Conservation Partnership

Our Shared Forests is a bi-national partnership between Ecuador and the United States for migratory bird conservation. The project leaders in Ecuador are Fundación Maquipucuna, the Choco-Andean Alliance, and Asociación de Productores de Cacao del No...

Aros and Yaqui Rivers Habitat Conservation, Mexico

The Northern Jaguar Project (NJP) seeks to revitalize the world’s northernmost breeding jaguar (Panthera onca) population by maintaining a protected core reserve in Sonora, Mexico, while simultaneously engaging the local community in conservation eff...

Rainforest Regeneration Beneath Isolated Fig Trees in Pastures of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico

In the highly fragmented landscape of Los Tuxtlas, Mexico, Instituto de Ecología (Ecology Institute) studied seed rains, soil seed content, and established vegetation under the crowns of five isolated fig trees (Ficus spp.) in pastures. The area bene...

Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta pigra) Population Characteristics and Habitat Use in Laguna Lachua National Park, Guatemala

This Allouatta pigra (howler monkey) population research was conducted by the School of Biology of the Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala, in a municipal reserve of 850 hectares (2,100 acres) in Alta Verapaz, central Guatemala. Information was obt...

Riparian Restoration along the Rio Grande, Toledo District, Belize

The Toledo Institute for Development and the Environment (TIDE) is implementing two community-led riparian reforestation projects on the Columbia and San Miguel tributaries of the Rio Grande River in Belize, building on the trust and capacity develop...

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