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Glacial Lake Grantsburg Bird Habitat Initiative, United States

The Glacial Lake Grantsburg Wildlife Management Complex consists of four wildlife properties encompassing nearly 54,000 acres (21,862 hectares). The two largest properties within this complex are Crex Meadows (30,000 acres or 12,146 hectares) and Fi...

Doubling a New Grassland Bird Conservation Area near Chicago: the Bartel Grassland/Tinley Creek Wetland

This project aims to restore bird habitat on publicly-owned hayfields and degraded grasslands in the Chicago area to prairie habitat, greatly increasing numbers of Neotropical migratory grassland birds. The National Audubon Society’s Chicago office ...

An Integrated Strategy for the Conservation of Grassland Birds in New York, United States

Populations of several grassland bird species are rapidly declining and even approaching local extirpation in significant portions of their ranges, primarily from habitat loss. In New York, Henslow’s sparrows (Ammodramus henslowii) have decreased by ...

Providing Safe Haven: Habitat Conservation for Migratory Birds in the Orinoco Basin

The Orinoco region is an important destination for many Neotropical migratory species in Latin America. At least 62 species of migratory birds have been reported in the Orinoco. Despite the importance of the region for migratory birds, very is known ...

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