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Jatun Sisa Botanical Garden and Wildlife Sanctuary for Scientific Research, Plant Conservation, and Environmental Education, Ecuador

Researchers in the Ecuadorian Amazon are managing the 131-acre (53-hectare) Jatun Sisa botanical garden, which features native plant species. The garden is collecting native seeds and plants for reproduction, reforestation, environmental education, ...

Local Ecotourism Development in Nuevo Arenal – Rancho Dos Bocas River, Costa Rica

The Association of Women Ecologists of the Santa María Peninsula (Asociación de Mujeres Ecologistas de la Península de Santa María - AMEPSA) and the Foundation for the Development of the Arenal Conservation Area (Fundación para el Desarrollo del Área...

Environmental Education to Fight Wildlife-Trafficking in the Costa Rica – Nicaragua Trans-Boundary Corridor

The Wildlife Preservation Association (Asociación Preservacionista de Flora y Fauna Silvestre - APREFLOFAS), aims to promote environmental education about illegal wildlife trafficking in the trans-boundary corridor between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I...

Promoting Connectivity and Biodiversity Conservation in the Talamanca Caribbean Biological Corridor

The Association of Organizations of the Talamanca Caribbean Biological Corridor (Asociación de Organizaciones del Corredor Biológico Talamanca Caribe) represents 16 organizations from the Talamanca region and more than 650 community members. This pro...

Integral Strategies for the Rescue and Conservation of the Caño Negro de Kukra Rivers Wetlands, Nicaragua

The Sustainable Development Foundation (Fundación para el Desarrollo Sostenible - FUNDESO) aims to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, and the conservation of biological diversity in the Caño Negro de Kukra Rivers wetlands and their buf...

Environmental and Socio-economic Study of the Caño Negro de Kukra Rivers Wetlands, Nicaragua

The Foundation for Sustainable Development (Fundación para el Desarrollo Sostenible - FUNDESO) directed an environmental and socio-economic study of the Caño Negro de Kukra Rivers wetlands, in which 20% of the families of the San Sebastián de Talento...


The Tortuguero plains are among the most biologically rich regions in Costa Rica, with many fresh water sources and impressive agricultural and forestry potential. Nevertheless, changes in land use, deforestation and intensive, large-scale agricultur...

Karen Mogensen F. Wildlife Refuge Reserve

The Karen Mogensen F. Wildlife Refuge Reserve was established in 1996 and is managed by the Ecological Association of Paquera, Lepanto and Cóbano (ASEPALECO). The refuge is located within the protected zone of the Nicoya Peninsula and the Peninsular ...

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