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Category: Reptiles and amphibians

Disappearing Jewels: The Status of New World Amphibians

Organizations: NatureServe, in collaboration with the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and Conservation International

Date: 2004

Language: English

Number of Pages: 60

Eco-Index Summary: This report, derived from the findings of the Global Amphibian Assessment, gives a comprehensive analysis of the conservations status of all amphibians in the Americas. The report offers information about species taxonomy, distribution, abundance, and the current conservation status of new world amphibians. It offers a detailed analysis of the major threats to amphibians, including habitat loss, disease, pesticides, climate change, invasive species, trade, and synergistic effects. The final section of the report outlines recommended future measures to conserve amphibians including habitat protection, policy, captive breeding, education, research, and greater understanding of the diseases that affect amphibians.