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Category: Ranching and grazing

Title: La certificación de carnes como herramienta para promover prácticas de manejo que preserven los pastizales naturales y su biodiversidad

Authors: Carolina Jiménez de Aréchaga

Organization: Wetlands International and Aves Uruguay

Date: 2006

Language: Spanish

Number of pages: 63

Eco-Index Summary: Is it possible to raise cattle while also conserving biodiversity and native grasslands? Wetlands International and Aves Uruguay are trying to answer this question through research in Uruguay, where native grasslands are rapidly being replaced by cattle and sheep pastures. This report documents the first phase of an analysis of the viability of a certification scheme for meat and market opportunities for promoting best management practices for grassland conservation. The authors propose strategies including technical measures to reconcile cattle production and conservation, guidelines based on cost and incentives (such as subsidies), and incentives that the added value of certified meat products could generate. The report also reviews comparable initiatives in Uruguay and neighboring countries, examines existing certification schemes and tools, and considers opportunities for incorporating conservation measures into existing certification programs.