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Category: Policy

Title: World Resources 2002-2004, Decisions for the Earth: Balance, Voice, and Power

Organizations: World Resources Institute, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environment Programme and World Bank

Date: June 2004

Language: English, Spanish

Number of pages: 307, with Photos, Charts, Tables, References

Eco-Index Summary: This report focuses on how environmental decisions are made, how we approve these decisions, and who participates in approving them. The editors maintain that improving the procedures and institutions available to us for making environmental policies will result in better regulations with fewer environmental impacts, and a more just and equal distribution of benefits. Divided into nine chapters, the report delves into such topics as environmental governance, public participation, business accountability, decentralization in natural resources management, and case studies on decision-making. The editors conclude that at least five steps should be taken to ensure good environmental governance: recognize the impacts on entire ecosystems when making environmental management decisions; make sure there is a way for the public's opinions to be heard; take into account those who will be affected by environmental decisions; include environmental stability in decision-making; and strengthen global environmental cooperation.