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Category: Oceans


Title: A Guide to Ecological Scorecards for Marine Protected Areas in North America

Organization: Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Date: 2011

Language: English, Spanish, and French

Number of pages: 56

Eco-Index Summary: This guide gives an overview about the preparation and use of ecological scorecards in marine protected areas (MPAs) and their corresponding reporting mechanisms. The scorecards serve as standardized tools for site managers, resource managers, researchers, and advocates to report on the ecological status and trends of MPAs. The document has five sections: an overview of the process; a detailed look at the scorecard questions covering water, habitat, and living resources; how to develop an ecological scorecard; information about the MPA scorecard system; and three sample scorecards from North American MPAs.


Title: Global Synthesis: A Report from the Regional Seas Conventions and Action Plans for the Marine Biodiversity Assessment and Outlook Series

Organization: United Nations Environment Programme - Regional Seas Programme

Date: December 2010

Language: English

Number of pages: 58, with color photos

Eco-Index Summary: This report, prepared by the United Nations Environment Programme's Regional Seas Programme as part of the Marine Biodiversity Assessment and Outlook Series, describes the overall deteriorating state of marine biological diversity as a result of failures to manage marine ecosystems. In a region-by-region analysis, the authors provide an overview of the state of knowledge of marine biodiversity, the pressures it currently faces, the largely insufficient policy platforms already in place for addressing those pressures, and the subsequent outlook for biodiversity. Human impact (including land-sourced pollution, ship-sourced pollution, and fishing) plays a significant role, while climate and atmospheric change (including projected increases in temperature, acidity, severe storm incidence, and sea level) present major challenges for biodiversity management. The report concludes that without significant intervention through long, medium, and short-term management targets, marine biological diversity is likely to deteriorate substantially in the next 20 years with growing consequences for resources and the physical security of coastal nations.