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Category: Mangroves


Title: Managing Mangroves for Resilience to Climate Change

Authors: Elizabeth McLeod and Rodney V. Salm

Organization: World Conservation Union (IUCN)

Date: 2006

Language: English

Number of pages: 66

Eco-Index Summary: This report offers management strategies to promote mangrove's resilience to climate change. It begins with an overview of mangroves, including global distribution, benefits of mangroves, and human threats to mangroves. The report then discusses potential impacts of climate change on mangroves, including changes in temperature, precipitation, and hurricanes and storms, and changing sea levels. The report continues with a discussion of ten strategies managers can apply to promote mangrove resilience, such as protecting key areas, establishing buffer zones, restoring critical degraded areas, maintaining connectivity between mangroves and associated habitats, establishing a monitoring plan, developing sustainable alternatives for local communities, and more. The report concludes with an outline of low-tech tools and methods to enhance mangrove resilience, including changes in sea level, salinity, hydrology, elevation; and high-tech tools to determine mangrove response to past and future changes in sea level.