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Category: Funding



Title: Striking A Balance: Ensuring Conservation's Place on the International Biodiversity Assistance Agenda

Authors: Nicholas P. Lapham and Rebecca J. Livermore

Organization: Conservation International

Date: 2003

Language: English

Number of pages: 68

Summary: This report examines the role of developed nations in financially supporting conservation in the world's most biodiverse, and often poorest, countries. This study looks at how donor countries are allocating their financial assistance for biodiversity conservation, paying particular attention to the balance between the support for long-term programs and solutions versus short-term conservation investments.

Trends including the linking of biodiversity funding with poverty reduction, the necessity of national-level assistance frameworks, the importance of government agencies and NGOs, and the problem of inconsistent funding reports hindering informed investment-making are discussed at length. Recommendations to these problems are provided, including defining a more secure place for biodiversity conservation in the development agenda; encouraging a broad range of government institutions to participate in funding conservation initiatives; supporting NGOs in directly executing public programs; and improving the dissemination of information about international biodiversity funding.