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Category: Corridors


Title: Defining Common Ground for the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor

Authors: Kenton Miller, Elsa Chang, Nels Johnson

Organization: World Resources Institute

Date: July 2001

Languages: English, Spanish

Number of pages: 55, with Charts, Annexes, and References

Eco-Index Summary: The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (MBC) is a regional initiative spanning through the southern 5 Mexican states and the countries of Central America, and is intended to conserve biological and ecosystem diversity in a way that fosters sustainable economic and social development. The World Resources Institute (WRI), along with partner conservation and development groups, has written this report to evaluate the policy options for the implementation of the MBC. The report outlines suggestions of how to broaden the constituency that actively supports and implements the MBC, highlighting the MBC's potential social and economic benefits, facilitating the use of accurate information in planning and decision-making, and helping decision makers evaluate policy and investment priorities.

The report includes an in-depth discussion of how the MBC affects different stakeholder groups, identifying issues critical to building support in the region, how to broaden participation and social benefits. Recommendations of how to improve human and ecological security by using the best available data to propose ways in which the MBC can anticipate changes in demography, climate, and species distributions to help improve human and ecological security in the MBC in the 21st century are laid out. And finally, the report addresses the importance of planners to provide timely information for effective decision-making, such as assessing critical data gaps, monitoring needs, and strategies for information sharing.