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Category: Coastal resources management


Title: From Wetlands to Wastelands: Impacts of Shrimp Farming

Authors: Coralie Thornton, Mike Shanahan, Juliette Williams

Organization: Environmental Justice Foundation

Date: March 2003

Language: English

Number of pages: 6, with Photos and References

Eco-Index Summary: This report provides an overview of shrimp aquaculture's impacts on wetlands, identifying the industry as a major cause of worldwide mangrove depletion. Examples and statistics of global mangrove, salt marsh, and freshwater wetland loss are outlined, as well as a discussion of the wider environmental impacts of shrimp farming, such as salinization of soil, and ground and surface water supplies, depletion of wild fish and shrimp populations, and organic and inorganic pollution. In conclusion, the authors discuss the need for stricter legal regulations on the industry to reduce the growing threat to our global wetlands.


Title: About Fishermen, Fisherwomen, Oceans and Tides: A Gender Perspective in Marine-Coastal Zones

Authors: Lorena Aguilar and Itzá Castañeda

Organization: World Conservation Union (IUCN)

Date: June 2000

Language: English, Spanish

Number of pages: 274, with Glossary, Description of Pertinent Laws and Regulations, and Bibliography

Eco-Index Summary: A manual that describes -- with many helpful examples and how-to check lists -- how organizations can develop, in marine coastal areas, projects that link sustainable development with gender equality. Chapters outline how to develop proposals; how to conduct a participatory analysis of an environmental problem that also considers gender issues; and how to establish a monitoring and evaluation system that is sensitive to gender equality.