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Category: Botany


Title: Centres of Plant Diversity: the Americas

Editors: Stephen D. Davis, Vernon H. Heywood

Organizations: Smithsonian Institution, World Conservation Union, and World Wildlife Fund

Date: Hard copy report published in 1997; Web site created in 2001

Language: English

Number of pages: 200 Screens of Snformation, with Maps and References

Eco-Index Summary: This easy-to-browse website is adopted from Volume 3 of published reports that feature accounts of nearly 250 major sites for conservation of plant diversity worldwide. Volume 3 covers the Americas and contains six sites in North America, 22 in Mexico and Central America, 46 in South America, and three in the Caribbean. (Volume 1 covers Europe, the Atlantic Islands, Africa and the islands of the Western Indian Ocean, South West Asia and the Middle East; Volume 2 is concerned with the rest of Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands.)

The sites in the Neotropics were selected on the basis of floristic studies and on recommendations from more than 100 botanists. Each region includes a data sheet with patterns of plant distributions, summaries of useful plant species, threats to loss of biodiversity, and current conservation efforts. Maps show the location of each center of plant biodiversity, with links to maps and overviews of each site. Among the biodiversity centers described are 12 in Mexico, 3 in Guatemala, 1 in Honduras, 3 in Costa Rica, and 3 in Panama.