Best Lessons Learned

Category: Forestry

Extractive Reserves for Fallen Wood

Date awarded: February 2004.

Categories: Forestry, Habitat conservation and management, Microenterprises, Community-based conservation (ICDPs).

Project active in Costa Rica.

Forestry Enterprises in Guatemala

Date awarded: May 2012.

Categories: Forestry, Capacity building, Certification and sustainable production, Forest resources (non-timber).

Project active in Guatemala.

Mayan Forestry Action Plan

Date awarded: March 2008.

Categories: Forestry, Agroforestry, Community-based conservation (ICDPs), Indigenous people.

Project active in Guatemala.

Strengthening the Sustainability of Small and Medium-size Forest Enterprises through Voluntary Forest Certification in the Urabá Region of Colombia

Date awarded: February 2014.

Categories: Forestry, Certification and sustainable production, Capacity building, Habitat conservation and management.

Project active in Colombia.

Technical Assistance for Forestry Concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve

Date awarded: June 2002.

Categories: Forestry, Forest resources (non-timber).

Project active in Guatemala.

Technology Transfer and Promotion of Professionalism in Natural Forest Management

Date awarded: September 2001.

Categories: Forestry, Forest resources (non-timber), Capacity building.

Regional project.