Best Lessons Learned

Category: Forest resources (non-timber)

Company-Community Partnerships for Commercializing Non-Timber Forest Products in the Brazilian Amazon: Drivers, Problems, and Consequences

Date awarded: May 2006.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Community-based conservation (ICDPs), Trade, Certification and sustainable production.

Project active in Brazil.

Design of a Management Plan for Farmers for Wild Agave Cupreata in the Dry Tropics of Guerrero, Mexico

Date awarded: July 2001.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Community-based conservation (ICDPs), Agriculture and farming.

Project active in Mexico.

Sustainable Harvesting and Production Evaluation of Tepejilote (Chamaedorea tepejilote) in San Miguel Tiltepec, Oaxaca, México

Date awarded: November 2002.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Indigenous people, Monitoring and evaluation, Trade.

Project active in Mexico.

Working toward Cooperative Non-timber Forest Product Management: Integrating Economic, Institutional, and Ecological Analysis to Improve Livelihoods and Forest Conservation in the Western Amazon Region, Brazil

Date awarded: April 2014.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Capacity building, Certification and sustainable production, Community-based conservation (ICDPs).

Project active in Brazil.