Best Lessons Learned

Category: Botany

Floristic Survey of the Hellshire Hills, Manatee Bay, and Goat Islands, Jamaica: A Contribution to Improved Protection and Management of the Jamaican Iguana

Date awarded: July 2014.

Categories: Botany, Habitat conservation and management, Capacity building, Reptiles and amphibians.

Project active in Jamaica.

Harvesting Epiphytic Bromeliads: An Opportunity for Cloud Forest Conservation

Date awarded: May 2014.

Categories: Botany, Environmental education, Habitat conservation and management, Forest resources (non-timber).

Project active in Mexico.

Rapid Tropical Forest Inventory: a Comparison of Techniques Based on Inventory Data from Western Amazonia

Date awarded: December 2004.

Categories: Botany, Geographic Information Systems, Monitoring and evaluation, Parks and protected areas.

Project active in Peru.