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What's New December 2014

Latin American Protected Areas Prepare to Benefit from Sustainable Tourism

We spoke with Ronald Sanabria, vice president of sustainable tourism for the Rainforest Alliance, about his work to help governments and communities develop tourism in protected areas and manage sustainable tourism activities beyond their borders.

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Project Awards

Best Lessons Learned: Post-Earthquake Environmental Support for the Haitian NGO Sector (Archive)

Innovative Eco-Initiative: Mexico REDD+ Alliance (Archive)

Monitoring & Evaluation: USAID Sustainable Coasts and Forests (Archive)

Interviews & Articles

On the Record: Ronald Sanabria, vice president of sustainable tourism for the Rainforest Alliance, talks with us about the growing interest of Latin American national parks and protected areas staff in developing tourism activities, the challenges they face, and how the Rainforest Alliance is training agency staff, local communities and entrepreneurs in how to best implement sustainable tourism services. (Archive)

Eco-Exchange: The Nature Conservancy and a group of strategic actors in Latin America are helping ensure the region’s water security by implementing an innovative conservation model that uses investments financed and managed by local public and private actors to safeguard critical upstream ecosystems. (Archive)

Stories from the Field: Francisco Kennedy de Souza, a Rainforest Alliance Kleinhans fellow and researcher at Indiana University and the Universidade Federal do Acre, compared three different forest use models in the western Amazon of Brazil to analyze how each model supported local livelihoods and forest conservation. We spoke with de Souza about the results of his research and the importance of non-timber forest products as a forest-friendly source of local income. (Archive)

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Monthly Update: Summaries and links to profiles added to the Eco-Index® during the past month.

In Print & Online: Palms of controversies: Oil palm and development challenges (Archive)

Recommended Links: Firecast (Archive)

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