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What's New August 2014

Defending Haiti's Coastal Resources
Caracol Bay in Haiti is part of a critically important “ridge-to-reef” ecosystem in a country plagued by widespread ecological degradation. Faced with looming environmental threats posed by a new industrial park, the Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine (FoProBiM) is working with local communities to create a management plan that will safeguard the area’s natural resources. Learn more »

Photo by FoProBiM

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Project Awards

Best Lessons Learned: Floristic Survey of the Hellshire Hills, Manatee Bay, and Goat Islands, Jamaica: A Contribution to Improved Protection and Management of the Jamaican Iguana (Archive)

Innovative Eco-Initiative: Biodiversity Conservation in Coffee: Transforming Productive Practices in the Coffee Sector by Increasing Market Demand for Certified Sustainable Coffee (Archive)

Monitoring & Evaluation: Evaluating Alternative Management of Rice Fields to Increase Habitat-Value for Waterbirds in California, United States (Archive)

Interviews & Articles

Eco-Exchange: The Nature Conservancy and a group of strategic actors in Latin America are working together to ensure the region’s water security by implementing water funds, an innovative conservation model that uses investment funds provided and managed by local public and private actors to safeguard critical upstream ecosystems. (Archive)

Photo by FoProBiM

Stories from the Field: Jean Wiener, director of the Fondation pour la Protection de la Biodiversité Marine, has long been working with local communities to protect the natural resources of Haiti. Now, a recently built industrial park poses a new set of challenges in the critically important “ridge-to-reef” ecosystem of Caracol Bay. We spoke with Wiener about his efforts to protect the area from further degradation. (Archive)

On the Record: Tuna are extremely important marine predators as well as a staple in our diet and a highly profitable commodity--and yet massive overfishing is pushing some tuna populations to the point of collapse. We spoke with Mark J. Spalding and Shana Miller of The Ocean Foundation about the threats to tuna populations caused by overfishing and about their efforts to protect these extraordinary species. (Archive)

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In Print & Online: Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change (Archive)

Recommended Links: Global Freshwater Biodiversity Atlas (Archive)

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