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What's New September 2014

Restoring the Coffee Forests of Latin America

For the past seven years, the Rainforest Alliance has engaged hundreds of thousands of producers and some of the largest coffee companies in the world to increase the production and sale of certified sustainable coffee, helping to conserve biodiversity in critical hotspots and provide decent livelihoods for farm families. Read more »

Photo by David Dudenhoefer

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Best Lessons Learned: Directory of International Grants and Funding for Green Development (Archive)

Innovative Eco-Initiative: Mesoamerican Trails Project (Archive)

Monitoring & Evaluation: Initiative for Conservation in the Andean Amazon (ICAA) -- Sustainable Landscapes Consortium (Archive)

Interviews & Articles

Photo by IIF

Eco-Exchange: The Ricord’s iguana, which is nearly extinct in Haiti, is key to reforestation efforts in a country that has been almost completely deforested. Masani Accimé of the International Iguana Foundation (IIF) spoke with us about IIF’s efforts to create a wildlife reserve that would save the Haitian subpopulation of this critically endangered species. (Archive)

Stories from the Field: Oscar Maroto, sustainable agriculture manager for the Rainforest Alliance in Latin America, spoke with us about a successful seven-year project that has helped place sustainability on the global coffee industry’s agenda. (Archive)

On the Record: Patricia Orantes, Director of the Climate, Nature and Communities program in Guatemala (CNCG) spoke with us about the project’s priorities and how they hope to support Guatemala’s forest communities, conservation efforts, and the climate change agenda. (Archive)

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Monthly Update: Summaries and links to profiles added to the Eco-Index® during the past month.

In Print & Online: A Roadmap to Responsible Soy: Approaches to increase certification and reduce risk (Archive)

Recommended Links: NEXSO (Archive)

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