Innovative Eco-Initiative Archive

Category: Forest resources (non-timber)

Design of a Management Plan for Farmers for Wild Agave Cupreata in the Dry Tropics of Guerrero, Mexico

Date awarded: July 2001.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Community-based conservation (ICDPs), Agriculture and farming.

Project active in Mexico.

Maya Nut (Brosimum alicastrum): An Ancient Food for a Healthy Future

Date awarded: October 2007.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Agroforestry, Medicinal plants and ethnobotany, Microenterprises.

Regional project.

Measuring the Resilience of Brazil Nut Production to Landscape-level Change in Western Amazonian Protected Areas

Date awarded: June 2006.

Categories: Forest resources (non-timber), Geographic Information Systems, Parks and protected areas, Infrastructure.

Regional project.