Innovative Eco-Initiative Archive

Category: Environmental education

Caño Palma Biological Station, Costa Rica

Date awarded: December 2013.

Categories: Environmental education, Migratory species, Habitat conservation and management, Wildlife research.

Project active in Costa Rica.

Environmental Education for Community Participation in the Conservation of Macaya Park, Massif de la Hotte Key Biodiversity Area, Haiti

Date awarded: November 2015.

Categories: Environmental education, Capacity building, Community-based conservation (ICDPs), Parks and protected areas.

Project active in Haiti.

Rainforest Alliance Education Program

Date awarded: October 2012.

Categories: Environmental education, Communications, Web sites.

Regional project.

Wetlands Workshop: Teachers’ Guide and Material for Students

Date awarded: August 2002.

Categories: Environmental education, Habitat conservation and management, Wetlands.

Project active in Mexico.