Innovative Eco-Initiative Archive

Category: Legal issues

Consultation to Determine the Scope of sui-generis Intellectual Rights in Campesino Communities

Date awarded: December 2004.

Categories: Legal issues, Biopiracy, Communications, Environmental education.

Project active in Costa Rica.

Establishment, Promotion, and Management of Three New Protected Areas in the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, Tierras Altas Corridor, Guatemala

Date awarded: January 2010.

Categories: Legal issues, Community-based conservation (ICDPs), Habitat conservation and management, Parks and protected areas.

Project active in Guatemala.

Strengthening Governance and Conservation of Natural Resources in the Galapagos National Park through Control and Vigilance of the Tourism, Fishing, and Private Sectors and Support from the Legal Department

Date awarded: October 2009.

Categories: Legal issues, Threat reduction assessment, Parks and protected areas, Habitat conservation and management.

Project active in Ecuador.

Tools for Private Conservation in the Corridor of the Americas

Date awarded: January 2002.

Categories: Legal issues, Corridors, Reserves, private, Conservation easements.

Regional project.