Recommended Links

Category: Forestry

Project: Forest Law Enforcement Web site

Organization: United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Language: English, Spanish, French

Country/Region: Global

Summary: FAO's "Forest Law Enforcement" Web site provides information about the organization's work to stem illegal logging activities around the world. The Web site provides information about upcoming events, such as a series of upcoming workshops to discuss illegal logging in both the Amazon and Central America; reports on improving compliance with forestry laws and reforming government policy regarding illegal logging; detailed information about FAO's work in Costa Rica and Honduras; and case studies from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Organization: International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)

Languages: English, Spanish, French

Country/Region: Global

Summary: This site contains detailed information on ITTO's work with sustainable forest management, economic and market information, industry development, and capacity building. Other features include downloadable Tropical Forest Update articles, a large library of reports, news releases and more.

Organization: Forest Trends

Language: English, Spanish

Country/Region: Global

Summary: Forest Trends analyzes commerce and policies and promotes diversification of forest products and services in order to make markets work for conservation and people. In addition to information about its programs and activities, the organization's Web site offers publications that can be downloaded as PDF documents, information on upcoming conferences and workshops, editorials, summaries of technical studies, and links to databases, maps, and the Web pages of other relevant organizations.

Organization: Center for International Forestry Research

Language: English

Country/Region: Global

Summary: The Web site of the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) provides access to a wealth of information on global forestry issues. Though predominantly in English, it offers publications and news in Spanish and a smaller site in Portuguese concentrated on Brazilian issues. Hundreds of books, reports, scientific articles, abstracts, and newsletters are available for downloading. The CIFOR site also features links to other publications, databases, and Web sites of other organizations.