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Category: Fire prevention

Project: Firecast

Organization: Conservation International

Language: English, Spanish, French

Country/Region: Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Madagascar, Indonesia

Summary: Working closely with the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Conservation International launched FIRECAST, a fully automated analysis and alert system that uses satellite observations to track ecosystem disturbances such as fires, fire risk conditions, deforestation, and protected area encroachment. Firecast delivers this time-sensitive information to decision-makers through email alerts, maps, and reports. To use the system, users have to subscribe and enter an area of interest (i.e. protected areas, areas of high biodiversity importance, different vegetation and land cover types, administrative units, or user-defined regions), and they will receive simple text-based emails containing the coordinates of active fires, or risk of fire in the specified area. Firecast works in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Madagascar and Indonesia and is helping local authorities and conservationists to strengthen their forest surveillance and monitoring, fire management and prevention, protected areas management, and sustainable land use planning.