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Category: Capacity building


Organization: The Nature Conservancy

Language: English

Country/Region: Global

Summary: is an online course system focused on conservation-based training that is created and maintained by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with other conservation organizations. The platform makes courses and educational materials available to conservation practitioners worldwide, including anyone making conservation-related decisions, staff from conservation organizations, land managers within government agencies, local land trusts members, and private landowners. Course catalog categories include: Agency-Specific, Conservation Measures and Planning, Conservation Partnerships, Climate Change, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Professional Development, Protected Areas , and Waters. There is also a forum and a database of conservation training resources that are available on other websites.

Project: Mesa Multisectorial de la Zona Natural y Cultural Mirador/Río Azul

Language: Spanish

Country/Region: Guatemala

Summary: The La Mesa Multisectorial de la Zona Natural y Cultural Mirador/Río Azul Web site is a forum for dialogue and analysis where stakeholders -- some 30 institutions, organizations, and civil society groups -- are developing a common agenda for the protection, conservation, and development of 1,482,000 acres (600,000 ha.) in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén, Guatemala. The Web site contains information on the Mesa's structure, goals, Master Plan, results to date, and more. It also provides meeting minutes and updates on activities. Users can also view maps of the area targeted by the Mesa and download the "Estatuto de La Mesa" (La Mesa Statute), the "Reglamento de su Comision de Turismo" (the bylaws of the Tourism Commission), and the bylaws of other groups working in the region.