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Category: Birds

Project: eBird

Organizations: Cornell Lab of Ornithology, United States; National Audubon Society, United States

Languages: English, Spanish, French

Country/Region: Global

Summary: eBird is an online database of bird observations that provides professional and recreational birdwatchers with real-time data about bird distribution and abundance around the world. Users can create an account at no cost and share when, where, and how they went birding, and a checklist of all the birds seen and heard during the outing - they can then visualize their data with interactive maps, graphs, and bar charts. The site provides various options for gathering data, such as point counts, transects, and area searches. eBird widely disseminates its observation records with conservation stakeholders and initiatives such as the Avian Knowledge Network (AKN) . The site features a number of regional portals that present checklists from a number of different states and countries. eBird is also available on mobile devices via the "BirdsEye" application.