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Category: Agriculture

Project: Grasslands and Savannahs of the Southern Cone of South America: Initiatives for Their Conservation in Argentina

Organizations: Aves Argentinas, Fundaci├│n Vida Silvestre Argentina

Languages: English, Spanish

Country/Region: Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay

Summary: This project aims to stimulate sustainable grassland cattle production. Its website is a showcase of the work that partner organizations are carrying out with cattle farmers. The site features a description of the project, a map and a list of the pilot sites where it is being implemented, and a section and manual about best practices in sustainable cattle production. Other useful tools include an online library, a news section, an online subscription form to the project's email newsletter, and a section where readers can post photographs of the grasslands.

Organization: Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN)

Languages: English, Spanish

Country/Region: Latin America, Africa

Summary: The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is a coalition of leading conservation organizations that links responsible farmers with conscientious consumers by means of the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM seal of approval. Its website offers a history of the organization, a list of its members, and detailed information about its work, including the development and revision of the SAN's standards, public consultations about new regulations -- such as the new standard for sustainable cattle production, information about how to become certified and a list of certified farms, and a resource library that features SAN standards, policies, and other resources related to certification and sustainability. Visitors can also subscribe to receive SAN technical updates via email. The site is currently available in English and Spanish; French and German versions will be available soon.

Organization: Rainforest Alliance

Languages: English, Spanish

Country/Region: Latin America, Africa

Summary: The Sustainable Agriculture Division section on the Rainforest Alliance Web site contains information on the benefits of Rainforest Alliance certification; the crops that the Rainforest Alliance certifies; the organization's certification standards; where to buy certified coffee, bananas, chocolate, ferns, and orange juice; information about the Sustainable Agriculture Network, a coalition of Latin American NGOs that implement Rainforest Alliance certification on the ground; and profiles of successful partnerships with farmers and businesses in PDF format.

Organization: Ecoagriculture Partners

Language: English

Country/Region: Global

Summary: A Web site dedicated to providing resources and sharing information about sustainable agriculture. Useful features include detailed case studies, organized by region or method; "Ecoagriculture Profiles," templated information about ecoagriculture systems, projects, and programs; and downloadable reports in PDF format, available in the "Reports and Documents" section.