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A bulletin about environmental issues and success stories in the Americas.

Solving Paradox of Scarcity in Spite of Natural Water Wealth
Despite being one of the world’s most naturally water-rich regions, Latin America faces serious water challenges. The Nature Conservancy is partnering with businesses, governments, and other actors to create water funds--investment tools that are helping protect key water sources while promoting good governance and green development opportunities for local communities.

Photo by Hugo Arnal/TNC


Stories from the Field

Anecdotes and success stories from conservation field staff.

Oscar Maroto, sustainable agriculture manager for the Rainforest Alliance in Latin America, spoke with us about a successful seven-year project that has helped place sustainability on the global coffee industry’s agenda.


On the Record

Revealing interviews with conservation leaders.

Tuna are extremely important marine predators as well as a staple in our diet and a highly profitable commodity--and yet massive overfishing is pushing some tuna populations to the point of collapse. We spoke with Mark J. Spalding and Shana Miller of The Ocean Foundation about the threats to tuna populations caused by overfishing and about their efforts to protect these extraordinary species.


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