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About Us

The Rainforest Alliance launched the Eco-Index® in 2001 to provide the conservation community with a quickly and easily accessible vehicle to share project data and reports, lessons learned, and best practices in a succinct and consistent format. To best serve our audience, the entire site is available in English and Spanish, and profiles of projects based in Brazil are in Portuguese. Go to the Project Search page to find project information that interests you.

Each profile posted on the Eco-Index is submitted and updated each year by project directors. Before any information is posted on the site, it is carefully edited and translated by our staff of conservation professionals to ensure that we are providing information that is as useful as possible.

How We've Grown

During the Eco-Index's first two years, it focused on projects based in Mexico and Central America. In January 2003, we expanded to include projects from South America and the Caribbean, making the Eco-Index the premiere directory of conservation projects throughout the Neotropics. In 2007, we expanded again to include projects from the United States and Canada, making the Eco-Index a hemispheric initiative.

Since its launch in February 2001, the Eco-Index has added more than 1,250 profiles of projects conducted by more than 900 organizations, government agencies, and research institutions, with an average of 12 added or updated each month.

The Eco-Index Team

  • Diane Jukofsky, Vice President of Communications, Marketing, and Education, Rainforest Alliance
  • Editorial Committee: Melissa Normann, Nuria BolaƱos, Yessenia Soto, and Dipika Chawla
  • Translations: Lucinda Taft, Leticia Saenz, and Laurianne Besse Streit
  • Website Design: Beth Lien

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